Kristin Nelson


Endlessly curious
Digital Product Designer | UX/UI Designer

hi there!

I'm a digital designer with a multicultural mindset and an obsession with delightful, human-centric design.

I’m passionate about empathy-driven design
& accessibility.

User experience, creative problem solving, and beauty are at the core of every project that I build.


UX/UI Design—
Designing a Digestible, Data-Centric User Interface
Developing and branding a cohesive product and user-friendly graphical information for a carbon emissions tracking start-up in Seattle.
UX/UI Design—
Design System: Designing from the Ground Up
Installing consistency and quality in a Seattle start-ups’ design experience with their first design system.
UX/UI Design—
Streamlining a Manager Administrative Portal
Designing a refreshing new look and an actionable platform for management to improve store performance.

“Kristin successfully navigated a tough, open-ended project to design Kotoo's interface panel from scratch. Kristin nailed generating a theme that would resonate with users to come up with a design that not only was no longer detracting from user's experience but complemented the upbeat messaging that the tool is constantly trying to convey. She let users guide her decisions over her own biases making her a great hire for any type of project.”

Founder of kotoo Earth

“I worked with Kristin on a UI/UX project together. She always brought great ideas to the table and was always inclusive to everyone on the team. Kristin wants to know what you are thinking and what you can bring to the table. She is a hard worker and is always willing to learn. I am definitely thankful to have had the opportunity to work alongside her on a project!”

Yannick Burklin, kotoo colleague

“I have known Kristin since we studied a masters together at La Universidad de Alcalá in Madrid in 2016. In our studies, Kristin stood out for her willingness to learn and her consistent drive to apply what we were learning. At work, Kristin stood out for her contagiously positive interaction with the students, her fellow colleagues, and was highly recognized for her creativity. Kristin’s experience abroad working in several different schools has given her the truly impressive ability to adapt and fit in to new experiences as well as an appreciation for diversity. ”

Alexandria Zadrzynski, educator colleague